This is my section!

Word up from Larry the webmaster for Baduino (the only band from outer space, the future, and TEXAS!)... 

    Any way I just wanted to welcome you to my new section of the page entitled "I hate everything dot com".  The guys made me call it that if I was going to get any room to talk at all.  

    So today we have an interesting story about the being that trucker tom had in his suitcase when Baduino came back in time. 

   This beings name in it's singularity and plurality is STAN 1, and it has a vivacious appetite for life.  This is the story of Stan 1's tour of this cycle of time.  You see STAN 1 can exist at any various point in space as multiples to show more affection (which it only does for Trucker Tom) or as a single quick appearing and disappearing entity.  Here is STAN 1's appearance on stage with the infamous Aquabats

Isn't that SUPER!

and here is STAN 1 seen again in a different time stream!

Cool STAN 1 it seems that you are a HOUND ABOUND ha HO!

Here he is again just before the end of the earth! or... does that really happen yeah Baduino told me not to talk about that!

Wow STAN 1 great eyebrows

Looks like STAN 1 found those weapons of mass destruction Bush was talking about.  Good thing!

Great work detective STAN 1!

Oh and here he is at my after birthday party, birthday party.

Grab those dollars and coupons for tans STAN 1 my mom put them in there for you!

Well anyways this is Larry the Baduino Webmaster signing off.... see you guys IN THE FUTURE!